Flint and tinder. We’ll send you a small model put (3 box) of Flint and Tinder suits (we’re contacting all of them Tinder bins) shipped to your home.

Identify this incentive

Pledge $5 or greater About $5

Find our undying gratitude… ADVANTAGE: allow ‘em to get family and friends know you enjoy premium and assistance America. Collectively it is possible to ignite a revolution.

Choose this benefit

Promise $15 or greater About fifteen dollars

You will get 1 pair of premiums men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS, in the color and height and width of your option, sent around the US.

BONUS: We’ll toss in a box of fits as well.

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Pledge US$ 36 or greater About US$ 36

You will get 3 couples of superior men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS through the 1 COLORING and length and width your selection, delivered anywhere in the US.

BENEFIT: We’ll throw in a lot cardboard boxes of games also.

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Pledge $36 or longer About $36

unique SELECTION (5/17): 1 SHIRT & 1 SET OF UNDIES. 続きを読む