I’m an intp female. I’ve frankly thought “different” my entire life. It is a very accurate outline of us.

Damn you only review my head … i think we different too ..because I had a great deal men friend and sucks at internet dating and long term connection… i recently enjoy feel alone..

*raises hand* INTP here.

Haha, we exists along side y’all, INTP women right here too! Yas!

“We commonly needy and do not prefer to restrict, or else manage you.” Correctly! We picture it’s stressful to police another individual and coerce and adjust them into behaving with what a person deems “appropriate” tactics. Also, gross! Who does wish? At first glance this indicates as though it could be in an easier way to be truthful with your expectations and continue to be open together with your companion about how you’re feeling, but I’ve learned that more fellas check upon this as a pitfall, like I’m hiding womanly machinations up my case. Pass, guys.

Occasionally gentlemen callers keep requesting my estimation when I’ve experimented with as gracefully and clearly as you can in order to prevent offering it.

(Not elegant, most evident) Then I become penalized with venomous looks and out-of-context records to they when I find they’re big males and present my opinion as cleanly possible. We love you the way you’re or we’dn’t end up being internet dating you; kindly don’t pick your worst element and have whatever you contemplate they stop from the rest of you. 続きを読む