I understand right now we have all heard of viral video of Kevin Samuels, union advisor

giving crass advice to a young lady. It is often shared several times on Social Media and have hot on Worldstar. Kevin brutally mistreated the young girl who also known as in on their tv series looking for union recommendations. He assaulted the girl appearance, the lady business, and her matchmaking choices. Sigh. I bided my personal time…deciding if to handle this video and address Kevin Samuels’s program with his operate, but today will be the day that someone must deal with this man . There’s something which should be mentioned about a company owner or an entrepreneur just who stall on the backs of men and women, that naive and socially conditioned to capture misuse and mistreatment disguised as ‘help’ and ‘advice’.

Additionally there is anything insidious about somebody who performs this for-profit and coverage. People report that Kevin Samuels tells the facts, but honey perhaps the devil understands scripture. I’ve identified about Kevin Samuels for quite some time along with his misogynistic overtones and remarks spewing from his tattered hairline tend to be dated and faulty.

Kevin Samuel’s opinions are not basic facts

His knowledge within the relationship field along with his expanding platform had been very easy to achieve. We have to thank Steve Harvey and Derrick Jaxin for instructing ‘the brothas’ on exactly how to get rich and remain wealthy by playing off many black women’s insecurities into the matchmaking business. Thanks, Steve. In Kevin’s fashion, he is also playing off the insecurities of black guys also. 続きを読む