What is Actually Happening When Individuals Stay in Touch With Exes

Exactly why maintaining the idea of a reunion in the back burner is likely to be a problem.

Submitted Sep 18, 2016

It’s pretty usual for folks to keep connection with former intimate partners. 1,2 exactly what takes place when your enter a union? Do you manage connection with an ex or slash them on? Would it be harmful to the new relationship in the event the ex is still into your life? They’re inquiries many of us can relate to, however they have not been examined a lot by union researchers—until recently.

In two researches, Lindsay Rodriguez along with her colleagues surveyed adults in romantic affairs to find out how often they communicate with exes, precisely why they keep communications, and exactly what that states regarding their present connection. 3 one learn interviewed 260 undergraduates, who was simply due to their recent spouse for around monthly along with a previous relationship that lasted at the least three months. 続きを読む