Passionate Friendships (parts 1) As I was at my 20s while partnered to a man, we fell so in love with a lady

We’re passing fancy records across times. Historian Susan K. Freeman takes a-deep dive into the reputation for women that adored women—and has tips for teachers to get in touch prefer emails to training on traditions, women’s rights moves and literary motifs.

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Tools and Readings

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  • Leila J. Rupp, Sapphistries: A Global Reputation Of Prefer between Ladies

Susan K. Freeman


Leila Rupp: When I was a student in my personal 20s while married to men, we fell so in love with a lady. In early phase, my personal brand-new connection was simply romantic. I thought about their everyday. We spoken endlessly about phone. I provided her offers. I longed to be together. In the course of time, we became devotee. The way we all comprehended that which was happening was actually that I found myself actually a lesbian along with the entire process of being released, but that she was really heterosexual together with simply happened to fall in deep love with me. 続きを読む