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There is absolutely no codified penal Law into the Saudi Arabia. Phrases are derived from interpretations out-of Sharia laws.

Content 296, 298.

Post (296) You’re convicted to help you no less than a year and no over 36 months when you look at the prison in case there is: 1- Best a woman to to go adultery. 2- Instigating, triggering, seducing a lady anyway in order to going adultery or frequenting an effective brothel so you can to go debauchery if into the or outside of the country. 3- Leading, instigating or seducing a male anyway to have sodomy otherwise dissipation. 4- Causing otherwise seducing a male or a woman in any event so you’re able to to go unlawful otherwise depraved strategies. 5- Taking, bringing in or taking a masculine otherwise a woman regarding the objective off intimate exploitation.

Blog post (298) Anybody who requires adultery otherwise sodomy because a career or a good lifestyle try found guilty so you can only about ten years into the prison. An equivalent penalty was implemented into anybody who exploits a man’s debauchery and you will dissipation.

Blog post 359. People just who denies clothes regarding a female and you can enters a new location for women shall be punished from the imprisonment to have an occasion perhaps not exceeding 1 year and also by a superb perhaps not surpassing 10 thousand dirhams otherwise because of the one of these punishment. 続きを読む