If the simple fitness all about myLoyola just isn’t correct, exactly what should I perform?

Your myLoyola info appear right from your electric healthcare record at the doctor’s workplace. Ask your doctor to correct any imprecise help and advice at your next center stop by. Your state of health details are assessed and refreshed inside your electric health tape each go to.

Easily dispatch an email to my favorite physician or nursing assistant, once can I assume an answer?

You will commonly acquire a remedy within anyone to three business days. Please be aware that myLoyola really should not be put to use for immediate conditions. Please contact your medical center if the condition requires immediate focus or switch 911 when it is an urgent situation.

Could I watch a close relative’s medical history in myLoyola?

Yes, you’ll be able to. This is called Proxy entry and allows a parent (or protector) to sign in his or her individual myLoyola membership and connect with info on their family user. 続きを読む