Watching the Floyd video, Mark was aghast. His spouse, Tawana Lewis-Harrison, an economic supervisor who works in degree, had a more thought that is frightening. “George Floyd has been my brother.”

Mark tries to just take the role on of a sounding board instead. Tawana stated he’s good at just permitting her vent.

“Plus, he knows and encourages my need to connect to other Black individuals, Black tradition and other people of color without feeling threatened by it,” she said.

“He is supportive once I vent my frustrations how blacks that are often many this country are only respected or valued within certain industries ( ag e.g., sports, entertainment, etc.) and specific microaggressions I experience ? often in their presence.”

The conversations they have in their kitchen sometimes do have the feeling of an on-the-fly civics lesson while Mark doesn’t put the onus entirely on his wife to educate him on Black issues. 続きを読む