The technology behind the reason why plenty girls need befriend homosexual males

For the basic study, i needed to reproduce the discovering that female trust gay people over straight people or right ladies. This time around, but I wanted to find out if females would only faith gay men’s dating-related information rather than other types of recommendations.

It turns out straight ladies merely respected a homosexual man’s information about a potential boyfriend a lot more than the exact same recommendations from, say, a straight guy or other directly lady. Quite simply, it isn’t like direct girls totally respected homosexual men on all issues. It truly only revolved around a factor: matchmaking and affairs.

To advance examine precisely why this could be the situation, we had female think about obtaining records from either a right woman, direct people, or a gay people about their physical appearance while the dateability of possible men. We after that requested the ladies just how honest they thought the replies were.

As expected, the female subject areas did actually regard the judgments coming from the gay man to-be additional honest since they understood which he won’t have any ulterior reasons – whether that created wooing the topic (which they might think of direct people) or competing for similar intimate partner (directly lady). 続きを読む