Visible Minority and Population Group Reference Guide, Nationwide Domestic Survey

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Definitions and ideas

The 2011 nationwide domestic Survey (NHS) question on populace team can be used to create two primary factors: the noticeable minority variable while the Population group variable.

The principal intent behind the populace team concern from the NHS would be to derive counts when it comes to minority population that is visible. Visible minority refers to your noticeable minority team to that the respondent belongs. The Employment Equity Act describes minorities that are visible ‘persons, aside from Aboriginal individuals, that are non-Caucasian in competition or non-white in color.’ Groups into the noticeable minority variable include South Asian, Chinese, Black, Filipino, Latin United states, Arab, Southeast Asian, West Asian, Korean, Japanese, noticeable minority, n.i.e. (‘n.i.e.’ means ‘not included elsewhere’), several noticeable minorities, rather than a noticeable minority.

Home elevators the noticeable minority population is needed under federal employment equity legislation for programs which promote equal window of opportunity for everybody else. 続きを読む