However, at the very least Carol knew just what she ended up being getting — a bonus that comes with marrying your own senior school lover.

Another is you get to establish a lifestyle collectively from the surface right up. “We consumed franks and kidney beans collectively twice each week,” Carol laughs, recalling the first times of design their jobs. “But we adored every min from it.”

Jerry agrees. “Marrying the highschool lover undoubtedly offers you the chance to understand person you’re marrying.” But there may be negatives, as well. While now many 20-somethings devote some time off to traveling or go on their during the area, Jerry and Carol never ever did. “there might be one thing to become gathered from matchmaking a wider range of group. You could potentially state we limited ourselves because we had gotten married at such an early age,” he states.

Advice about some other twelfth grade partners? “Strike out on your own,” states Carol. Date people before getting married. “when it’s correct, it is going to exercise,” she states.

But just since your dreamy-eyed prom go out turns into a dreamy-eyed husband doesn’t mean that you’re living out a fairytale. “there’s really no such thing as a perfect wedding,” claims Carol. “you need to figure out how to struggle with each other. 続きを読む