The way that is only ethics. Should social networking be held into the same journalistic requirements as other news outlets?

How can publish truth or fake news modification the way in which advertising functions and exactly how does it stay alongside codes of practice?Jane Crofts

Lauren Oldy

Exactly just just How essential may be the truth versus storytelling.Ged Caroll

We have constantly thought good advertising should really be available, clear etc. But exactly what whenever we’re incorrect? Imagine if good relations that are public actually as dishonest, ugly and brazen as possible make it?Jemima Gibbons

Just exactly How should professionals make sure that messages resonate in an era of fake news and post truth?Rob Bruce

The importance of trusted brands in a world that is post-truth. To put it differently why the claims regarding the cornflakes take place to a greater standard compared to the claims of governmental candidates.Nick Jones

So what does transparency in public places relations look like?Aly Sandhaus Saxe

Does anybody have the ability to be forgotten?Claire Thompson

Information and also the technology of dimension

How do general public relations be calculated better; centering on whether advertising promotions ought to be addressed the exact same as advertising people; utilizing the same tools such as for instance Salesforce and Marketo.Paul Wooding

Calculating the potency of video clip as a way of communication within the social sphere.Dan Slee

Test measurement frameworks for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned (PESO) communications and content.Michelle Goodall

How do information be employed to enhance the effect of promotions? Is it a path to enhancing the perception of advertising in society?Rob Bruce

Information visualisation searching not only at economist infographics and comparable but a review that is historical of such as for instance Florence Nightingale whom understood the significance of conveying a tale succinctly in an because simple to know kind as feasible.Rob Ashwell