Conflict Over Hook-Up Heritage. What does a hook up mean? Above a third of respondents mentioned a hook right up implies gender.

What is it? What is the opinion with the frequency? What is the truth?

What is an attach?

As a not-that-old, not-that-out-of-touch college teacher which shows courses throughout the sociology of marriage, family members and gender, this really is among my personal favorite questions to inquire about a course of undergraduates for a few causes: It gets ‘em upwards; everybody is thinking about the answer; and it also stirs up very an argument.

But in the 3 many years I’ve been asking this concern, there is never been a class consensus. Some youngsters tell me it really is sexual activity, with a zero-to-sex pick-up rate, within several hours (and many drinks) of a first meeting. Other individuals let me know connecting way generating or kissing, and could not result until a couple have hung on collectively in a group of pals for a while.

So a couple of months straight back, we put it to you personally: How do you determine a hook-up? 続きを読む