She simply split up along with her boyfriend and I also think she likes me. Does she have feelings for me personally?

And so I was raised in college with this particular woman but we didnt actually talk much before the final few months of senior year

She has received a boyfriend when it comes to a year ago and a half yet she constantly flirts beside me and shows signs of great interest Back March, once we had been first becoming friends, she split up along with her boyfriend after which included my Snap away from nowhere and started chatting a great deal. They got in together once again for some time and we also stopped talking as much.

Then in the summertime I just kinda ended up joining her friend team plus in the period of about four weeks or two we have become friends that are really great.

Until really recently these were still dating nonetheless it had been a rocky relationship and all of us knew it was going to end quickly.

This woman is also generally a actually flirty girl though thus I cant always inform for certain whats going on. 続きを読む