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That profile was followed by a closeup picture of a guy that is 62-year-old a goatee (an aside: can we puhleeze get over that little bit of undesired facial hair affectation here in Idaho? Complete beard, close to, but I’m therefore, therefore fed up with the goatee), putting on sunglasses, view cap, oily wife-beater t-shirt (sleeves cheated) with suspenders, standing close to a vintage yellowish bulldozer, sticking their tongue away in the digital digital camera.

Therefore enticing. Be nevertheless my heart.

We confess, I’d to“Mr look up. Limput” because who does not want Tarzan and Grizzly Adams and … who? I realized there is film called The Incredible Mr. Limpet, featuring Don Knotts, who in accordance with Bing, “…falls to the ocean and transforms as a seafood, quickly becoming pals with a crab and developing an enchanting relationship by having a fetching feminine fish.” Therefore now I’m actually confused. 続きを読む