Viewpoint: Modern gains that are dating but loses closeness


WASHINGTON — I’ve noticed a strange pattern, in fiction and life, about intimate encounters: Women decide they’re perhaps maybe not interested in a guy they’re nestling with. Limerence is certainly not in the cards. Nonetheless they go right ahead and have sexual intercourse anyhow.

First, we now have university student Margot within the brand brand New Yorker’s much-discussed brief fictional story “Cat Person” whom recoils as she watches Robert undress. “But the notion of just just what it can decide to try stop just just exactly what she had set in place had been overwhelming; it might need a sum of tact and gentleness that she felt had been impractical to summon.” Margot doesn’t desire to seem spoiled or capricious, therefore she requires a drink of whiskey to “bludgeon her opposition into distribution.”