Chicago viewer cannot seeking to meeting or sleeping with a trans girl make me transphobic?

Plus: poly girlfriend or disapproving parents? Will it be unwise to picture the legs and base of a coworker exactly who clarified our Craigslist listing?

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Q I’m 26, right, and males. I look at personally a socially progressive individual, happen a voice promoter of LGBT troubles since senior high school, and was actually ceo of my institution Gay-Straight association. Here’s our issue: we entirely support the trans area. I have several close friends in varying says of transition i’m 100 % in it. However in my very own internet dating daily life, i mightn’t feel comfortable dating/having gender with a lady that has at one point during her lifestyle started a man. I realize i’dn’t staying drilling a dude, but it’s a mental hurdle i can not remove. All my LGBTQA friends—be the two trans, homosexual, bi—call myself a transphobe, since if I happened to be genuinely for their back, basically really “understood,” then love with a MTF right girl might be just like love-making with a cisgender directly woman. Do I possess the to maybe not feel safe using move (or truth) of obtaining love with your girls whilst still being give consideration to me a supporter from the trans community? 続きを読む