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Gewirtz-Meydan and Ayalon (2018) discovered that there is an “agelessness” theme across online profiles that couldn’t portray certain characteristics connected with aging: wrinkles, grey locks, reduced locks, wheelchairs, walkers, eyeglasses (Gewirtz-Meydan Ayalon, 2018, p. 496). Findings revealed just how online pages of older people merely mirrored the successful aspects of the aging process, “which usually talks of the elderly as healthier, active, effective, positive, involved, lively, adventurous, pleased, humor-filled, mental, effective, and keeping their particular relationships with others,” which negates the standard aging process experienced from the greater part of older adults, and continually marginalizes all of them for perhaps not aging successfully (Gewirtz-Meydan Ayalon, 2018, p. 497). 続きを読む