Once you understand a few standard bee truth will help your better see bees and the ways to don’t be stung

Once you understand certain basic bee basic facts might help you much better understand bees and how to do not be stung. Below are a few typical and not-so-common myths about bees.

There are roughly 25,000 species of bees global, approximately 4,000 types staying in america. Some beesa€”such as honey bees and bumble beesa€”live in social colonies, but the majority include individual. Bees play a big ecological role and are generally crucial that you numerous steps in general.

Despite their particular frequency, there are many misconceptions about bees in addition to their stings. Understanding these basic bee basic facts should dismiss the urban myths which help your much better see bees and how to enjoyed and honor them.

1. All bees sting.

Not totally all bees can sting. For instance, male bees cannot sting. The stinger, or sting, try a modified egg-laying unit, therefore best females keep these things. But despite creating a stinger, the women of many bee types really cannot sting. Bees have a tendency to sting to protect their particular nest, so more bees wona€™t sting unless they truly are provoked or believe threatened.

2. Honey bees can sting their own sufferer over and over repeatedly.

Honey-bee professionals can sting some other pests repeatedly. However, barbs in their stingers bring caught for the body of this pets they sting, specifically mammals with dense surface such as for example people. The removal of the stinger is actually deadly towards bee, so that it dies after.

3. Bee stings are always hazardous.

Should you decidea€™re maybe not allergic to bee stings, the average indivdual can tolerate 10 stings per one-pound of bodyweight. The majority of adults can withstand significantly more than 1,000 stings. 500 stings might deadly for the kids. Speak to your physician when you yourself have inquiries or concerns about bee stings.


Resource: The Merck Handbook of Diagnosis and Therapies

4. deadly bee stings are typical.

Bee stings is generally fatal to individuals who are allergic for them. However, deadly bee stings have become uncommon. From 1999 to 2007, the Centers for illness Control reported 509 deaths from wasps, hornets or bees stings, and fewer than one percent of children and 3 percent of people are susceptible to anaphylaxis, the typically dangerous allergy some knowledge of response to a sting.

5. Wasps is bees.

Although wasps participate in the same order of pests, they’re not bees. Bees are non-meat eaters, accumulating pollen and nectar with their younger. Wasps tend to be carnivores, several kinds can be quite hostile, particularly if you interrupt their nests. Bees are usually non-aggressive, with the exception of Africanized bees, a species maybe not generally based in the US.

6. Individuals who are allergic to wasp stings are also allergic to bee stings.

Bee stings generate various toxins than wasp stings. Thus, individuals is likely to be allergic to bee stings not wasp stings, or the other way around.

7. Bee stings can be used to address osteoarthritis symptoms.

There can bena€™t adequate logical research to aid this claim.

8. All bees make honey.

Lower than 5 per cent of bee types create honey. Only honey bees and stingless bees emit enough honey to really make it worth harvesting. Bumble-bee hives might have a little bit (one to two teaspoons). Bumble bees were annual, maybe not perennial, so they really dona€™t need to emit some honey in order to survive the winter.

9. the majority of bees inhabit hives.

Best personal bees inhabit hives. 10 % of bee species are social, and simply a small % of these build hives. More bees tend to be lonely, located in specific nests tunneled into the earth or perhaps in tree trunks.

10. Bees are hard workers.

Honey bee, bumble bee and stingless bee individual bees (girls) work very hard. However, lots of guys dona€™t perform any operate in the nest. Girls in the lonely bee types may only work for 2-3 weeks.


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