Flint and tinder. We’ll send you a small model put (3 box) of Flint and Tinder suits (we’re contacting all of them Tinder bins) shipped to your home.

Identify this incentive

Pledge $5 or greater About $5

Find our undying gratitude… ADVANTAGE: allow ‘em to get family and friends know you enjoy premium and assistance America. Collectively it is possible to ignite a revolution.

Choose this benefit

Promise $15 or greater About fifteen dollars

You will get 1 pair of premiums men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS, in the color and height and width of your option, sent around the US.

BONUS: We’ll toss in a box of fits as well.

Determine this incentive

Pledge US$ 36 or greater About US$ 36

You will get 3 couples of superior men’s OUTLINE, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS through the 1 COLORING and length and width your selection, delivered anywhere in the US.

BENEFIT: We’ll throw in a lot cardboard boxes of games also.

Determine this advantage

Pledge $36 or longer About $36

unique SELECTION (5/17): 1 SHIRT & 1 SET OF UNDIES. You receive 1 ADVANCED T inside the type and height and width of your preference, plus 1 pair of premium men’s BRIEF, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS (baggage period or expectations) inside HUES and dimensions of of your liking, shipped around the united states. ADDED BONUS: We’ll throw in a some matches also. This is basically the great option to test multiple great American-made wear.

Select this advantage

Promise $75 if not more About $75

Find 7 couples of superior men’s BRIEF, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS to all of 7 COLOR (undoubtedly each) from erotic literature websites inside the length and width your option, transported any place in the united states.

ADDED BONUS: We’ll add in a group of cardboard boxes of meets as well.

Identify this prize

Pledge $75 or maybe more About $75

newer ALTERNATIVE (5/17): 2 TOPS & 3 SETS OF UNDIES. You get 2 ADVANCED T’s inside elegance and dimensions of of your liking, plus 3 couples of high quality men’s BRIEF, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS (baggage period or common – choose merely 1 design satisfy for most 3 couples) through the COLORS (may be multiple) and length and width of your liking, sent around the usa. BENEFIT: We’ll add in many box of fits as well. This is finest technique to complete your own choice with numerous excellent American-made wears.

Choose this repay

Pledge $125 or even more About $125

You will get a collection PREPARE OF ONE’S OWN DESIGN composing of 12 frames of high quality men’s BRIEF, BOXERS, or BOXER-BREIFS (you can decide how many of each) in WHICHEVER YOUR 7 STYLES YOU PICK (all one hues, a few of some but not one of another, whatever enables you to pleased) through the length and width your selection, sent anywhere in the US. Makes a good quality keepsake for a guy trying to find an upgrade! REWARD: We’ll toss in a variety of box of meets too.

Pick this treat

Promise $125 or longer About $125

brand-new CHOICE (5/17): 3 TEES & 6 FRAMES OF LINGERIE. A make-your-own collection-type blended pack. Obtain 3 PREMIUM T’s during the design and sized your decision, plus 6 frames of top quality men’s BRIEFS, BOXERS, or BOXER-BRIEFS (trunk span or regular – selection many kinds as you like) inside the TONES (might be a number of) and measurements of of your liking, shipped any place in the united states (only one handle plz). INCENTIVE: We’ll add in a few cardboard boxes of fights too. This is actually the best technique to round out your own collection with an assortment of wonderful American-made wears and/or display the pleasure with close friends and family.

Pick this benefit

Promise $3,600 or maybe more About $3,600

You obtain 365 couples of superior men’s panties. That is certainly adequate to have on a new set day-after-day for one year!

Each can come individually boxed and that can get as presents since we will gladly provide assorted dimensions, trends and colors, per your criteria. And so many games.

This can ben’t bull crap though; it is the opportunity. Pick this approach and sleeping easy once you understand you have virtually offered about 4 individuals opportunities this week!

REWARD: All of our internet site (and preferably shop at some point) will have a Wall of Heroes. Onto it might be pictures of people and points that encourage united states – Rocky, the original Ford Bronco, etc etc… and you simply! We’ll even shell out to have a classy portrait taken at your convenience.


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